Drag and Drop User Guides

            How to add design elements to your emails. Change block and email background colours.

            How to use your NewZapp account to create landing pages for use with your email campaigns.

            How to use Blocks to add structure to your email and allow you to add and edit specific types of content.

            How to create Custom Blocks to use over and over again, saving you time and giving you a consistent style.

            How to upload, link to and manage documents or files in your NewZapp account.

            How to enter all your Email Details. From Name and Subject Line optimisation tips and character limits for all fields.

            How to use Google Analytics integration. NewZapp Enterprise and Enterprise XL accounts only.

            How to use images in your email campaigns. Upload, rename, edit, manage and link as many images as you like.

            How to use NewZapp's incredibly powerful built-in Image Editor to create stunning edits of any image.

            How to understand the navigation panel. Previously saved emails with options to add, edit or delete emails in your account.

            How to use personalisation tags in your emails to pull in details in the Subscriber database in your NewZapp account.

            How to send an email. Once you are happy with how your email looks it's time to send it to your Subscribers.

            How to add Social Blocks to your email. Subscribers can then follow your social accounts or share the email you sent.

            How to Upload your own email. So you’ve created your own HTML template. Getting it up and running in NewZapp is easy.

            The designer's guide to building templates. This guide assumes you have a good understanding of coding in HTML & CSS.

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