How to add an online signup plugin to WordPress

            As well as offering HTML code for adding an email signup form to your website, did you know we have a NewZapp WordPress Plugin for your WordPress site?

            Once installed,the attached plugin will enable you to generate a 'Shortcode' for use anywhere on your site using the following simple steps:

            As with all Plugins & Updates please back up your WordPress site before continuing. 

            1. Login your NewZapp account, take a note of your Account CID number and create a Group in your Subscribers section where you'd like the new subscribers to go.

            2. Download the Plugin .zip file (bottom of this page). Do not extract the contents.

            3. Login into your WordPress account. Go to Plugins and select Add New. On the screen that follows select Upload Plugin

            4. Install the previously downloaded zip file and activate.

            5. The Plugin NewZapp Sign-Up Forms will appear in the list in the bottom left of your WordPress account, simply click to get started.

            6. You have 4 boxes to complete to create a sign-up form:
              Form Name
              For your reference only, this will not be visible on the site.
              The Customer IDentification number of your NewZapp account.
              The ID number of the Group created for new subscribers to be added to when they sign up. You can add more than one Group separated by a comma (no spaces) e.g. 12345,12346,12347
              Redirect URL
              The page you'd like the new sign-ups to go to once they click Submit.

            7. You can also include Additional Form Fields in the form. This is an optional extra and not required.

            8. Give the new form field a Label (this will show in the Form Builder only ), add the NewZapp Tag name (exactly as shown in your account) of the extra data you want to collect, set the Data Type to match that of your chosen NewZapp Tag (Text, Number or Date/Time) then add some suitable form field placeholder text to tell people what type of information you want.

            9. Finally, click Create New Form Field to add it to the sign-up form.

            10. Once done, click Create Form. You will now see a new option called Forms in the menu - select this option.

            11. You will see a list of created forms with 'Shortcodes' to use throughout your WordPress site. Simply paste the relevant Shortcode - for example [ newzapp_form fid="1234" ] - into a page's code, then Preview or Publish the page to see the new sign-up form in place.

            12. The form will use elements of your site's CSS stylesheet. To override these please use the Editor area under Appearance from your main WordPress sidebar menu.

              Note that NewZapp does not support for WordPress Plugins - please consult a web developer / designer if you would like to alter the look of your sign-up form.

            13. After publishing your new site page, remember to test the sign-up form and don't forget to set up a nice welcome email for your new subscribers! 

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            Updated: 07 Oct 2016 05:10 AM
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