Subscriber User Guides

            How to Group your Subscribers. Create, edit, manage and remove Groups of Subscribers.

            How to manage your publicly selectable Groups for your Subscriber Preferences screens.

            How to use Custom Tags to import your own style of data into your NewZapp account.

            How to use Segments to dynamically manage your Subscribers.

            Understanding the number of Active Subscribers in your NewZapp account.

            How to filter your Subscribers to easily search, Group and Segment. If you have the information, there’s a filter to find it.

            Do you have a particular Subscriber or Group of Subscribers you don’t want to receive a certain campaign?

            How to Remove or Unsubscribe Subscribers, the differences and which is right for the task.

            How to import Subscribers into your NewZapp account, either one at a time by manual entry, or in bulk by file import.

            How to export a CSV file of all your Subscribers, any Group or a completely custom filtered result.

            Each Subscriber has all their details stored in their Subscriber Card. View and edit the data stored for each Subscriber.

            How to organise Groups of Subscribers in Folders and Subfolders for easier and quicker navigation.

            The Subscribers Dashboard overview shows your Subscriber gains/losses and import/export reports.

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