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  1. Unsually high clicks and opens
  2. Why should you clear your cache?
  3. Support during the Christmas period
  4. Setting up your SPF and DMARC records.
  5. How to add an Outlook contact group, or distribution list, into NewZapp
  6. Will subscribers who are in 2 or more groups receive multiple emails?
  7. How do I prevent my emails from being filtered?
  8. How do I see unsubscribers from a campaign?
  9. How do I cancel my account?
  10. Will a lower Spam score guarantee delivery
  11. Subscriber User Guides
  12. Subscriber Preferences
  13. How do I unsubscribe someone?
  14. What is Express Import?
  15. Public and Private Groups
  16. How can I add my company logo?
  17. Goodbye Email
  18. Subscriber Status Terminology
  19. Subscriber Import Report
  20. What format do the images need to be in?
  21. How do I set my bounce threshold?
  22. How to add an online signup plugin to WordPress
  23. How do I add email addresses to my safe senders list?
  24. How do I enable my email client to display images?
  25. Email Deliverability
  26. Setting up Google Analytics integration
  27. How can I see my usage and remaining email quota?
  28. How to find the Group ID
  29. General User Guides
  30. Resend an email to subscribers who haven't opened it.
  31. Open and click through rates explained
  32. NewZapp API
  33. How do I convert my email campaign into a printable PDF?
  34. Product Guides
  35. Drag and Drop User Guides
  36. What is a CID number and where do you find it?
  37. Understanding your reports
  38. How do you know who's opened my email and when?
  39. How to master your subscriber section
  40. How to add a NewZapp email sign-up form to Facebook
  41. Common email bounces and how to deal with them
  42. How to remove hidden quote marks and tabs from CSV files
  43. How to add an online signup for for your website
  44. Can I keep track of who's unsubscribed from my list?
  45. Is there a risk of me re-importing an email address that's unsubscribed from my list?
  46. How to convert a .xlsx File to a .csv File
  47. How can I personalise my email?
  48. How to upload your own HTML
  49. What are the best dimensions for images in my emails?
  50. I sent a test email but it hasn't arrived