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            AIDCA, the stages of writing copy for a sales campaign

            AIDCA is an acronym known as the psychology of selling. It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Caution, and Action.  

            A – Attention
            We need to grab the attention of our readers in a few seconds. This can be difficult because not everyone has the same interests so the skill is the art of subject line and preview text writing. Be imaginative, but not misleading, to grab attention.

            I – Interest
            Engage with your readers. Focus on what you can do for them, how you can help them, how they need you, and if they've never purchased from you make them wonder why they didn’t have you in their lives before! Engage with your customers using rhetorical questions that make them feel like you are talking to them one to one. Add some information about what you can provide, but don’t drone on about everything you do. Leave them guessing so you can use string calls to action to bring traffic to your e-commerce shop or your website.

            D – Desire
            Interest and desire are intertwined. Once you have them interested in what you’re offering; you can turn that interest into desire, by appealing to what they can get from you and what you can do for them to make their life easier or save them time! You can include USPs, customer testimonials or reviews of your product.

            C – Caution
            With interest and desire encouraging the reader to reach the action stage of this acronym, we can often think that the sale is in the bag. BUT wait, it’s not that easy. Even with the right offering, there might still be some unanswered questions that can cause caution or doubt. To avoid this, you can answer the questions in the readers head; things like what do I need to do once I have purchased this seminar or how do I start using NewZapp? By second guessing (to an extent) what could be holding the reader back from your call to action; you can alleviate the doubt.

            You’re almost there just one more letter from the acronym to go! Let’s finish by getting a return on your investment.

            A – Action
            Ready, set, action! You need to see this final part of the AIDCA acronym as your chance to shine. This is where you can reign in those engaged readers and invite them to respond to your call to action. There are a few ways to get these readers to hand over their contact details or their requirements from you which can give you that ROI and ultimately some cash.

            As well as creating links out of text phrases, to some readers button links are more appealing. Try a mix of the two, and see which is getting better results - not forgetting also to make every image in your email clickable.

            Another part of your call to action may include getting more data from your customer. Asking a question or asking for feedback could harvest more information about their demographic or interests to help you target future campaigns and increase personal engagement. You could also consider offering the chance of a freebie (not necessarily a competition but something along the lines of a free PDF download with content valuabel to them, or a free trial); if you don't have material online you can do this by introducing mailto options for them to email you, or using one of the free online survey applications.

            The possibilities for your call to action are endless but it’s all about how you close the deal… Just remember to leave the reader excited to make contact with you and wanting more!

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            Updated: 01 Apr 2019 12:23 AM
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