Basic, themed and other templates available in your NewZapp account

            What's a NewZapp template?

            A NewZapp template is a pre-structured design which is used to create an email campaign.

            In this article we're going to run through the template options available in every NewZapp account.

            Templates come in three categories

            1. Basic templates:  20+ free templates which are unbranded but structured
            A basic template is one that’s unbranded in terms of having no colours or graphics in place. They are a blank canvas ready for your own style and colour to be added. They have a variety of structures, in terms of having image and text blocks in place, as a starter for you to add content and colour.

            Plus points:

            • Searchable by keywords such as 'Outlook', 'Magazine', Multi-Column'.
            • See instantly if there’s a layout that will suit your content.
            • Add/modify/colour/delete the blocks already in place.
            • You’re not tied to a particular look and feel, or colour scheme, giving you complete control.
            • Ideal if you want to have a play with different layout options before working with us on a Bespoke template.
            • As we add to this collection, all NewZapp accounts will automatically receive new templates available.
            • These templates are all fully mobile responsive.

            2.  Themed templates:  100+ free templates which have graphics and a colour scheme.

            These templates have a definite style as a short cut to making an eye-catching campaign.

            Plus points:

            • Searchable by keywords such as 'Invitation', 'Corporate', Easter'.
            • Ideal if you’d like a head start with the look and feel of your campaign.
            • Add any number/combination of layout, image and text blocks to suit your content.
            • Change the theme colour with a single click.
            • As we add to this collection, all NewZapp accounts will automatically receive new templates available.
            • These templates are all fully mobile responsive.

            3.  Bespoke templates:  The home for any templates that we’ve made for you.

            This is the section where you will find templates that we’ve built for you. These templates are compatible with the drag and drop editor and are literally made to your own bespoke requirements. 
            Plus points:
            • We will have worked with you to make sure every aspect of the template works seamlessly for your brand and content style.
            • Content blocks will be ready in place for quick campaign creation.
            • Custom blocks (groups of blocks for specific purposes/sections of an email) are also usually available for ultimate flexibility.
            • Templates that we design and build for you are always fully mobile responsive. 

            Other types of template

            My Uploads:  Permanent copies of the emails you’ve uploaded to your account

            Depending on the way they have been created, the emails you upload yourself may be static (have all the campaign content included ready to send) or flexible (so that you can edit content within NewZapp). They may also be responsive when viewed on mobile devices, it will depend on the HTML code.

            We have a Designer’s Guide to Building Templates available and you may also like to download the guide to Uploading Your Own HTML into NewZapp.

            Fixed templates:  Templates designed and built for you in the past which are only compatible with the editor that preceded the drag and drop version. When selecting a template from this section you will automatically be taken into the fixed NewZapp editor, without drag and drop capability. 

            For more information about the templates available in your NewZapp account, or if you’d like to know more what’s involved in converting your existing emails designs to being compatible with NewZapp’s drag and drop editor, then please contact us.

            Updated: 29 Nov 2018 09:22 PM
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