Browser Compatibility

            We all have our favourites but when using a HTML editing system like ours it's important to keep your browser consistent and up to date.

            Google, Microsoft, Apple and Mozilla regularly update their respective browsers inline with internet security and new technology. As a provider of online software these are standards we adhere to as well to keep your information safe and provide you with the latest features.

            Unsure of what browser you use? Follow this link...

            NewZapp prefers Chrome on Windows PC or Mac OS but is perfectly happy on Edge or Firefox too. Below is a table of browsers we currently support.

            Windows PC**
            Mac OS 
            Google Chrome
            Mozilla Firefox
            Apple Safari
            Microsoft Edge
            Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
            Microsoft Internet Explorer 10

            ** We no longer provide support for the operating system Windows XP.

            As of the 2nd of March 2015 we have dropped support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 & Windows Safari on the PC.

            Windows Safari has not been developed by Apple since 2012 and is a discontinued product. Internet Explorer 9 (and earlier) has not been developed by Microsoft since the end of 2016. It to is no longer supported by Microsoft. From a security and stability point of view this lack of support and updates from Microsoft and Apple means we cannot permit access any further on these browsers. We recommend updating / switching to a new browser immediately.

            Updated: 14 Mar 2018 07:43 PM
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