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            How do I convert my email campaign into a printable PDF?

            Whilst there isn't a button that enables you to create a PDF version of an email campaign in NewZapp, this is something we're asked about from time to time when customers want to have a printable format of an email. This might be for a staff or public notice board, or for circulation to contacts without email access.

            Emails and printing don't really go hand in hand. The number one priority when creating an email in HTML code is that it looks good in the whole range of different email platforms and devices available, and this may mean that if you do try and print an email from your inbox you'll find you sometimes get patchy results.

            One way to create a better quality and more stable printable format is to make a PDF of your email, and here are a few ideas on how to achieve this.

            For each method you will need to access the online version of your email campaign, in a web browser. This version is easily accessible from the email after you've sent yourself a copy. It's the link which NewZapp adds for you to the top of every campaign:

            1. If you have Adobe Acrobat or other PDF creation software installed, then when you view your email online in Chromeyou should have an option/icon to “Convert web page to PDF”. This method will include the web title at the top of each page (unless your campaign is very short, it will scroll over more than one page) and also the web page url at the bottom.
            2. Alternatively if using IE, the option on your browser tools may be to “Print” the web page. You can then choose to "Print" the web page, selecting your PDF creator as the printer (it should appear with any other printers installed on your PC/network). Both of the methods above will prompt you for a location on your PC where the PDF file should be saved. From there you can open and print the PDF file onto paper using your usual printer.
            3. If you’re familiar with the art of screen grabbing and using the picture editing tools in Word, then you can copy a screen grab your email and paste it into a Word document. Use the 'Crop' option in Picture Tools and trim of the edges of that aren't required, such as the browser address bar. As mentioned above, it's unlikely that your campaign will be completely on screen when you screen grab it, so you will need to scroll and take a second and sometimes a third screen grab to get all the content. This is where some steady hand skills will need to come into play as you try and make the joins as seamless as you can! But at least you can then resize the image pieces on your Word page so that the whole edition fits onto one.
              Tip No 1: If you only require a PDF version and you aren't worried about its printing capabilities, try changing the size of your Word document from it's usual A4 or Letter format to one that's larger. This will allow more content at a larger size to fit on the page.
              Tip No 2: If you only require a print out and you don't need a PDF, then simply print from Word and skip the PDF creation step.
            4. There are websites that offer tools to convert HTML to PDF, for example
              On this site you paste in the url of your email (the address of your online version) and it makes the file for you. The free versions of software such as this sometimes have limitations on output size or carry advertisements, but as a quick fix it might be suitable for your requirements.

            Updated: 01 Apr 2019 12:19 AM
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