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            Different types of campaign

            Some of our customers will ask for ideas how to create campaigns that aren’t just an ezine, mail shot or newsletter; this week’s blog will help you with dusting off your creative side and get down to creating beautiful engaging content for your subscribers to bite into!

            Instead of creating a long newsletter, why not create a digest?  A digest is a small bite size campaign that gives away a heading with a small paragraph such as an abstract of the article with a clear call to action. A digest can help increase your website traffic and conversion rates which can give you a greater click rate as you won’t give away all the goodies in your email campaign.

            Automated birthday campaign
            Every account within NewZapp regardless of package will have the automated birthday campaign feature! All you need is to get your subscribers birth date. Although! It doesn’t have to be their actual birthday, it could be an anniversary of when they subscribed to your database, their first purchase or even your company’s birthday!

            Seasonal wishes
            As we’re now in November, it’s OK for us to talk about Christmas and the holiday season, right? Did you know that in your NewZapp account you’ll find lots of FREE themed and seasonal templates, for you to easily style campaigns for Halloween, Christmas, New Year etc.  You could use one of our seasonal templates to send seasons greetings to your subscriber base with times of last delivery before Xmas, office opening times during December or even an invite to your Christmas party for all your staff!

            Re-targeting campaigns
            Using segmentation or exporting data from your recent campaign, you can grab those wavering leads and reign them in; with a dedicated email campaign. Using segmentation you can filter your subscribers, enabling you to target those who haven’t clicked or opened a past campaign or campaigns over a period of time. Alternatively you can use tools in NewZapp Track to export similar data per specific past Campaign into a new target Group. Using this data can help you add an additional strand in your marketing strategy using your NewZapp campaigns bringing you a further return on your investment!

            Staff emails
            In your NewZapp account you will see that we include outlook style as a template, you can use this to build an email signature and an email campaign that looks like its being sent through a normal inbox. You can then send emails to staff, potentials, customers or your mum through NewZapp with your from address being your personal email address for replies.

            Final thoughts
            Emailing your subscriber base often will encourage engagement, but emailing them the same thing will cause them to switch off.  Try and mix it up if you can!
            Updated: 01 Apr 2019 12:21 AM
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