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            What is NewZapp? Email marketing should be easy - and here's why! Create, send & track responsive emails simply & effectively with a NewZapp account.

            More than just software, UK based NewZapp provides advice and support for email marketing strategy, in-house training, domain reputation safeguarding, SEO, and all the tools to comply with the GDPR.

            An email marketing 101 to help you on your way to effective campaigning. An A-Z of email marketing topics from click-through rates to google analytics.

            Upload and work with your images in NewZapp's image manager (fixed editor).

            NewZapp automatically handles soft and hard bounces but this guide shows how to view this data and set a bounce threshold in your NewZapp account.

            7 ways to help your email campaigns avoid being caught in the spam trap by email filters, including SPF records and subject line advice.

            Putting together 8 fun email marketing facts you really ought to know.

            A best practice guide for marketers creating email campaigns about common email reader display issues and how to avoid them.

            A best practice guide for designers when building emails using HTML and CSS, whether sending from NewZapp or any other email marketing system.

            A best practice guide for designers building HTML emails to ensure they look good in Outlook 2013.

            Updated: 28 Nov 2017 11:12 PM
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