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            How do I change my password?

            If you ever need to change your account's password, these are the steps to follow:
            1. Go to the NewZapp login screen
            2. Click on the link that says "Forgotten your password? Click here to reset it"
            3. On the next screen, enter your username and then click the button "Email me a password reset link"
            4. The following screen confirms that a password Reset email has been sent to the account holder's email address, this address is confirmed on screen at this point.
            5. In your inbox you should now have received a new email, subject line "Reset Password",
            6. In this email click the button to "Reset Password".
            7. A new browser window will open.
            8. On this screen enter a new password*, and then enter it again to confirm.
            9. Click the "Reset" button.
            10. Confirmation will appear on screen of the password being successfully reset and you can now login with your new password.
            * A new password must contain at least 8 characters with at least one uppercase (A-Z), one lower case (a-z), a number and a special character.

            Please note:
            • The account holder's email address will be either, the address used when the account was first opened, unless a different address has been saved in the account's Settings screen in the "Notifications" section. See also How to... Settings.
            • You cannot reset an account's username.

            If you experience a problem with any of the above, then please contact or raise a Help Ticket.

            Updated: 04 Jul 2019 05:31 PM
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