How do I make one of my emails a template?

            First off, you need to create the email as you would normally including the creation of blocks, headers, footers, social blocks, images etc that you wish to be included in your template. 

            For more information on how to create an email campaign please see 'How To...Drag and Drop

            Exporting your email 
            Once you have made the email, you will need to send it to yourself and open the view online link. The best browser to do this in is Google Chrome. 

            Upon opening the online link, have a check through and make sure that the campaign displays as you wish it to. If happy, right click and select view page source. This will then display all the HTML for your campaign. 

            Select all the lines of 'code' (Ctrl + A) and copy the code (Ctrl +C).

            Now open up a Notepad document or a basic plain text editor. 

            Please note the reason we say Notepad is because it does not bring in any MSO code (Microsoft Office style code) which can interfere with the HTML. 

            Paste the HTML that you have copied (Ctrl + V), and save as. The file name should be something that you recognise as a template name. You will need to save the file with the extension of .html so for example your file name would be November template.html 

            Don't worry about changing any of the ANSI code to UTF. 

            Uploading the template to NewZapp
            Once you have saved the notepad document, it should change to look like a browser icon with your file name. Double click this and it will open up in the default browser on your machine. 

            Confirm everything looks good. 

            Open NewZapp. Log in and go to start. On the end of the three colums there is the upload your email option. 

            Create the email details. On the next step, you can drag your file in (or click to browse) to the editor.

            Once you get the green tick at the end you can select the next screen.

            You can then build your campaign using your own template. In the future you can select the template on the "Uploads" tab of the 'Pick A Template' screen. 

            For more information (including screen shots) please read 'How To...Upload Your Email'

            For the designers guide on building templates please read 'How To...Building Templates'

            Updated: 01 Apr 2019 12:13 AM
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