How to… Automation Audience

            Choosing the right Audience for your Automation is important. Everyone in the Audience could start and finish the Automation journey, but only if the Trigger conditions are met.

            With this in mind, carefully consider what Audience type is right for your Automation.

            A Group

            A Group is the safest bet for any Automation Audience. As the Account owner you control who is in the Group and who isn’t.

            It may be a signup-only Group fed from your website, a Group you import into regularly, or a Group made specifically for the purpose of an Automation; it’s entirely up to you.

            For example, a Welcome Automation based on Sign-ups is a great way to greet new Subscribers.

            A Segment

            A Segment offers power over a Group in its on-the-fly targeting, but precision is required.

            A carefully targeted Segment can have its effects multiplied by an Automation and only send to very select people – those who meet the Segment criteria whose actions then trigger the Automation’s Steps.  This is a good thing – in carefully targeting these people you are providing an incredibly personalised experience for them.

            For example, a “Members Only” Automation based on a Segment of people who have data in their “Membership Start Date” Custom Tag.

            For more information about Segments read our Segments guide

            All Subscribers

            Feeling brave? Ah, we jest. The All Subscribers Audience option is great for Birthday and Seasonal Automations, when you just want to wish everybody a Happy Something.

            You could also use it for offers, setting Step 2 onwards to send to everyone who clicked the first one – a great way to rapidly cut down your Audience to only those interested in the offer.

            As ever, Subscribers in your Suppression Group at point of send will not be sent to.

            For more information (including screenshots) and a downloadable copy of this guide please visit 'How to Automation Audience'
            Updated: 07 Nov 2017 10:44 PM
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