How to… Birthday Automation

            Reach out and touch someone on their special day.

            1. Choose a Preset

            From the Automation Library screen, use the search box to search for “Birthday”. Choose one of the several available preset options.

            This guide assumes you’ve chosen the “Birthday Automation” inthe Custom sector, but they’re quite similar - no matter which option youchoose, you’ll be guided through the process.
            Click the New button

            2. Fill in the details

            Type a new name for your Automation or leave the default one in there

            Click Next

            Type a description if you like.Again you can leave the default one in there, but this and the name can be helpful remembering what your Automation does at a glance. You can edit this information at any time.

            Click Next.

            The following modal reminds you that the Automation is base don the Date of Birth tag, so for it to work, you need to have data in that field for each Subscriber.

            Click Next again

            Choose an Audience for your Automation. This can be a Group, Segment or All Subscribers, depending how focused you need to be.Choose carefully, this cannot be changed.

            Click Next

            3. Steps and Triggers

            The Trigger for the first Step will already be set to “On Subscriber’s Birthday”. With this Trigger Type, the email you create on this Step will be sent to a Subscriber on their Birthday at one minute past midnight – unless you specify a Delay or change the Schedule.

            You can leave this Trigger as is, or if you click the “Edit” button on the Step, you can change its Type or Properties – although with this particular type of Trigger only the Delay is editable.

            Once you’ve edited a Trigger to your satisfaction, click the “Save” button to close the modal and save your changes.

            4. Create Emails

            Click the Create Email button towards the left of each Step. This takes you through Email Details, Pick A Template and Add Content – just as if you were creating a “normal” non-automation Email in Create & Send.

            If you need guidance on any of this process, you can find out more in our How to Email Details guide and How to Blocks guide

            After you’ve created your Email, click the Finish & return to Steps button top right. You’ll now see a thumbnail image of your email on the left of the Step, and the email details.

            5. Schedule and Go!

            You’ve now got enough setup to go, but hold your horses; do you want to Schedule your send?

            If so, click Edit next to Schedule and change the days and times that Step’s Email is allowed to be sent. For a Birthday email, this may be a more robust method than setting a delay. See our How to Schedule a Step guide for more information

            When you’re happy with your Steps (in this case, Step), click the Start Automation button in the top right to set everything in motion. Want to save your work but not quite ready to light the blue touchpaper? Click the Close button next to Start Automation. Everything will be saved but the Automation will still be paused.

            For more information (including screenshots) and a downloadable copy of this guide please visit 'How to Birthday Automation'
            Updated: 07 Nov 2017 10:43 PM
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