How to… Blocks

            The first step in creating your email is to understand blocks.

            Blocks add structure to your email and allow you to add specific types of content.

            There are 4 basic types of block  
            1. Layout
            2. Text
            3. Image
            4. Padding
            Adding blocks

            You can add blocks to any area that turns green when you drag a block over it. Try it out by choosing a block, clicking down on it and moving it over your email (while holding down the mouse button).

            As soon as you release the mouse button, the block will ‘drop’ into whatever area is highlighted green at that point. If no area is highlighted, the block will not drop into the email when you release the button.

            You can drag and drop any number of blocks into your email and it will expand vertically to accommodate them. You can arrange blocks in whatever order you please and rearrange them at any time.

            Block tools

            Hover over any block in your email and it will be highlighted with a green dotted line. Tools will appear along the top of the highlighted block.

            These consist of 4 grey buttons:

            1. Move  - click and drag to move the block anywhere in the email
            2. Create Custom Block to save the block as it stands for reuse
            3. Copy makes a copy of the block beneath the original 
            4. Delete to remove that block entirely

            Layout blocks

            Layout blocks are structural placeholders. In the editor screen they look like rows of striped boxes until you add text and/or image blocks to them, but if you don’t add anything into a layout block then it will not be visible on the preview screens or when the email is sent.

            When you first load a blank email it will come preconfigured with one or more layout blocks, ready for text and image blocks to be added to them. If you have a bespoke template, you may also choose to have text and image blocks pre-configured ready for your content.

            You can add any number of layout blocks depending on how you want your email to look. For instance, you may want an email comprising of an introduction (1 column), news articles (2 columns), a row of images (4 columns) and a sign-off (1 column) to finish.

            Text and image blocks sit inside layout blocks and allow you to type (or paste) text and insert images. Simply drag a block over your email and drop it in any area that goes green.

            Text blocks

            Once you’ve dropped a text block into position just click on it to edit. You can delete the text that’s already in the box and type your own, or paste from a document or webpage. Using the toolbar above your email you can edit colour, size, font and alignment, make lists, add symbols, links and more.

            Image blocks

            To add images to your email you first need to upload them to your account via the Images panel on the left hand side navigation. Then simply drag and drop it onto an image block in your email. From here you can access the properties to edit the size, alignment and spacing, or add a link to your image.

            Padding block

            Wherever you want 10px padding applied around all 4 sides of a block (for instance to create a coloured box), drop the Padding Block inside a Layout Block before you drop in a Text or Image Block. For more padding, simply drop another padding block inside the first.

            For more information (including screenshots) and a downloadable copy of this guide please visit 'How to...Blocks'
            Updated: 07 Nov 2017 10:47 PM
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