How to… Documents

            You can upload PDF documents to your account via the Documents panel in Create & Send.

            Once uploaded your documents will be hosted within your NewZapp account, meaning that you can link to them using the ‘Add link’ option on the editing tool bar.

            This method of providing additional resources to your email avoids the need to add attachments and therefore keeps your email file size down and your delivery rate up.

            You can upload .PDF documents up to 5mb in size. Upload your file by dragging it onto or by clicking on the Drop files to upload zone. If your file type is unsupported or your file is too large (more than 5MB in size), the upload will fail and you’ll see an error message appear.

            Once uploaded, documents will appear in A-Z order in the Documents pane. There is a search bar that will help you find a document, but please note this searches on file names rather than document contents.

            Linking to a document from text

            Once you’ve uploaded your document file, drag and drop it from the documents panel into your email in any existing text block.

            Method 1: Drop the document onto a text phrase that you have typed and selected with your mouse. Once the link has been made, your phrase appears underlined

            Method 2: Drop the document onto space of its own. This can be before, after, or in-between existing text. Your document file name appears as a new text link.

            With either method you can use the editor tools to change the colour and style of the text link.

            Linking to a document from an image

            Once you’ve uploaded your document file, drag and drop it from the documents panel onto any image that you’ve already inserted into your email.

            For more information (including screenshots) and a downloadable copy of this guide please visit 'How to...Documents'

            Updated: 24 Jan 2018 10:20 PM
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