How to… Image Editor

            Included in your NewZapp account is a powerful Image Editor capable of extraordinary things! To access the editor simple navigate to the Images panel, choose or upload an image to edit and click the first button on the left that appears when you hover over each image to load the Image Editor.

            Choose from the following editing tools (you can apply as many as you like):

            Choose from three one-click enhancement options: High-Def intelligently sharpens and defines. The other options are specifically made for the enhancement of images of Scenery, Food, a Portrait or a Night shot.

            Quickly achieve professional results with a full line of stunning photo filters, designed to easily stylise everyday photography.  Choose from twelve Signature filters and twelve Classic. Intensity is 100% by default, but click the filter name again to access a slider to tailor this.

            Use this tool to add frames to your images.  A great way to bring an added theme to your photos. Choose from twelve Original frame styles and twelve Bohemia.

            A variety of shape options for you to overlay shapes on top of your image. The Traditional set has six shapes both available in White or Black, perfect for making an image circular for example – whilst the Boom set has nine shapes in a variety of colours to add a more abstract effect..

            Use this tool to add a variety of fun hats, eyewear, speech bubbles, shapes and more to photos. Again you have lots of options, the Original and Signature sets each having twenty four stickers.

            Use the Rotate option to make automatic orientation changes, 90 degrees clockwise each click, or drag the handle at the top of the image to manually adjust the orientation. The Mirror options are horizontally and vertically.

            The crop tool lets you easily remove unwanted areas of your images. Either crop manually by using the corner handles on the image to resize the area you would like to keep, type in your desired size in the ‘Custom’ area, or choose to crop from a variety of pre-defined ratios.

            Simply resize your photo by changing the measurements along the top. You can have ‘Maintain proportions’ switched on or off by clicking on the padlock icon.

            Four aspects available here, choose from Brightness, Contrast, Highlights or Shadows. With any option, drag the handle right to increase and left to decrease the qualities.

            As with Lighting, there are four aspects for you to pick from when editing the colour of your image. Choose from Saturation, Warmth, Tint or Fade. With any option, drag the handle right to increase and left to decrease the qualities.

            Sharpness describes the clarity of details in an image. To add definition and clarity, drag the handle at the top of the screen to the right. To soften the clarity, drag to the left.

            The focus tool is perfect for creating a focal point or accentuating depth. You choose a circle or rectangle focus shape and drag the handle to adjust the size of your focus.

            A vignette effect is used to give an image a circular fade around the edges without a definite border. Drag the handle at the top of the screen to choose a shade between White or Black, and use the handles on the image to increase the boundaries of the effect and adapt its shape.

            Simply remove/soften blemishes by tapping the areas in your image that you would like to correct. You can control the size of your brush from the toolbar along the top of the screen.

            Use this tool to add brightness to specific areas on your image. You can control the size of your brush from the toolbar along the top of your screen.

            The redeye tool lets you easily remove unwanted red eye from people and animals that sometimes happen when you take photos using a flash. Tap the red areas you would like to remove using a brush size of choice. Keep in mind, this tool removes only red hues.

            Tools to go free style with! Using the colour picker, and brush size options pick your pencil style of choice to draw on your image. Made an error? Click the Eraser button to erase any of your doodling, leaving the image underneath unaffected.

            Use this tool to create a black and white image that contains a single element of colour. After selecting the splash tool, the image will automatically convert to black and white. Then use the following options along with a chosen brush size to re-instate colour in areas of your choice:

            • Free colour: Bring back the colour from your original image as you apply the brush. 
            • Smart colour: Bring back a single tone of colour, picked by the editor.

            Made an error? Use the Eraser button to erase any of your changes leaving the image underneath unaffected.

            Use this tool to add text to your images. You can control the colour and font style using the toolbar along the top of the screen and control the size and rotation by dragging the handle in the lower right corner. NB: Once applied, text becomes part of the image and is not re-editable.

            Start your own viral!  A meme is basically an amusingly captioned photo, often created to share on social media. Whilst you could create a meme using the Text tool, this option automatically uses the text style usually associated with memes.  Enter the text you want in the top and/or bottom text input boxes. NB: Once applied, text becomes part of the image and is not re-editable.

            Within any editing window you can also make use of these tools:

            Use the zoom tool to magnify your work. This won’t affect the size of your image, just gives you a closer view for fiddly edits. Simply slide the handle to the right to get closer to your image.

            Undo and Redo
            Bottom left of every editing window, the undo arrow button becomes active when you click ‘Apply’ having made an edit. The redo arrow becomes active whenever you have used the undo button

            Apply, Cancel & Save options  
            Whenever editing an image:

            • Click the Apply button to apply the changes you’re working on. This takes you back to the main Image Editor window where you can choose another editing tool, save changes, or cancel any editing done since you last opened the Image Editor.
            • Click the Cancel button to close the editing tool that you have open, without saving changes.

            When you are ready to save changes to your image:

            • Click the Save button and you image is re-saved as a brand new file with a new name in the same folder that your original was saved in. The Image Editor window will automatically close at this point

            If you wish to cancel any editing done to your image since you last opened the Image Editor:

            • Exit using the Close (x) button in the top right hand corner to return to the Images panel.

            Get the app  

            In addition to the Image Editor available within your NewZapp account you can download it to your smart phone so you can make your edits to your photos on the go. The Aviary Image Editor is available for both iOS and Android and is free to download.

            For more information (including screenshots) and a downloadable copy of this Guide please visit 'How to...Image Editor'
            Updated: 10 Dec 2017 09:46 PM
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