How to… Create & Send Editor Navigation

            Under the navigation panel you’ll find a list of all of your previously saved emails as well as options to add, edit or delete emails in your account.

            The 3 icons along the top are as follows:

            New folder
            Create folders to organise your emails. New folders will appear at the bottom of the navigation panel and initially be named ‘New folder’. Right click to rename.

            New email
            Create a new email, fill out the email details and pick a template.

            This button deletes the selected email or folder (and its contents). Click an email or folder in the navigation panel to select it. You will be asked to confirm a delete action.

            To the right of these icons is the search bar, which lets you filter your emails by name. The search includes emails in folders, and will start to filter automatically as you type.

            For more information (including screenshots) and a downloadable copy of this guide please visit 'How to...Navigation'
            Updated: 24 Jul 2019 12:52 AM
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