How to… Personalisation

            Add that personal touch to your email with the drop of a block, using Personalisation Tags created from details in the Subscriber database in your NewZapp account.

            This panel contains pre-made Personalisation Tags for the following items:
            • Title 
            • First name
            • Last name
            • Company name
            • Email address
            • View online link
            • Confirm
            You can also create your own Custom Tags to insert additional data associated with your subscribers.  See 'How to...Custom Tags'

            When your email is sent, NewZapp will automatically replace the Tag with actual data stored in your account, per Subscriber.

            The one exception to this is the ‘View Online Link’ Tag which is a link that the system automatically inserts for you. You do not need Subscriber data stored in your account for this purpose.

            If there is no data stored for a Subscriber then the Tag will be replaced in the email with by nothing (no characters) unless you have a default value saved in your Settings area under Personalisation.

            Using Personalisation Tags
            Simply drag and drop a Tag into position on your email within an existing text block. Drop it at the point you want the Tag to pull Subscriber data into your content.

            The Tag will appear in the editor in the form of [example] and will convert into a real value for each recipient when the email is sent. You can style this text in the same way as normal text, e.g. colour or bold it, but you must not respell, capitalise or add spaces to the text between the ‘[ ]’ symbols as this will break the functionality.

            For more information (including screenshots) and a downloadable copy of this guide please visit 'How to...Personalisation'
            Updated: 20 Dec 2017 08:41 PM
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