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            How to… Send an Email

            Once you are happy with an email it's time to send it to your database of subscribers.  See the Uploading Subscribers factsheet for details on how to add your subscribers to the system.

            From the Add Content screen, click the Next Step button on the top right of the screen. This takes you to Sending Options.

            Sending Options
            In the Choose Recipients section, there are 5 choices:

            1. Manual List
            To quickly send an email campaign to just a few people (10 maximum), enter or paste their email addresses here, one per line.
            The addresses can be Subscribers that are already saved in the account, Subscribers that are not saved in the account, or a combination of both. If any of these addresses are not currently in your account, they will be automatically added. After you have sent your campaign they will appear as Ungrouped Subscribers.

            2. Proof Group
            Choose this option to test your email with a trusted list who can check it for copy and display issues before sending to your entire database. You will see a list of the Subscribers in your Proof Group on screen in a preview area at this point.

            To enable this feature, create a group simply called 'Proof' and add your trusted people.

            3. Choose Group(s)
            Click to select one or more Groups to send your Campaign to. Click again to deselect. Any Subscriber(s) in more than one of the Groups you are sending to will be de-duplicated at the point the email goes out, meaning that each Subscriber selected will only receive one email using this method of sending.

            You can use the ‘Preview Email Addresses’ button to preview the first 100 Subscribers of your selection.

            4. Choose Segment
            Click to select a single Segment to send your Campaign to. The Subscribers that match Segment criteria are calculated and shown on screen at this point, but may vary at point of send according to how many Subscribers fit the Segment criteria at the exact time of send.

            5. All Subscribers
            Choose this option to send to your entire database, regardless of how they are grouped. The first 100 Subscribers will be shown in a preview area at this point.

            Sending Time
            Underneath the Choose Recipients section you can find the Sending Time options. By default your campaign will send Now.  Alternatively you can choose Schedule to select a time and date in the future to send your campaign.

            Simply use the dropdown menus to select a date, hour and minute to send on. The time zone referred to here is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

            When you’re ready to continue, click the Next Step button top proceed to the Final Checks screen.

            Final Checks
            The Final Checks screen displays all your selected choices for the send. It also features an Outbox Preview panel to help you visualise the information.

            Note: If sending to a Manual List or Proof group, the Add to Reports check box will not be ticked by default but can be selected if you wish to see a Report of your send in Track.

            If you need to make any changes to who you are sending your campaign to, click back a step to Sending Options. Here you can check and change the options you had previously selected.

            Once you’re happy everything is correct, click the Send Now button.

            Or if you’ve set a date/time for a scheduled time, the Schedule Send button.

            A confirmation popup will display with the message “Congratulations – Campaign Sent” or  “Congratulations – Campaign Scheduled” and that’s it! Your email has been sent to all your selected subscribers, or scheduled to send on the set date/time.

            Stop/Cancel a Campaign Send 
            As outlined above, there are two types of campaign you might wish to stop/cancel:

            1. Stop/cancel a Campaign which has been set to ‘Send Now’ – Case of trying to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted we’re afraid! Once you have conformed the Final Checks screen and clicked the Send Now button, there is no way of stopping the Campaign from sending, the sending process will begin immediately.

            2. Stop/cancel a Campaign which has been set to ‘Send at a Scheduled Date/Time’ - You will have the opportunity to stop/cancel this Send, if you can do so before the scheduled date/time.
                  i. Go to the Track part of your account… If the campaign hasn’t begun to send emails…
                  ii. Select the Campaign from the Navigation panel on the left of screen
                  iii. Click the Delete button on the Navigation heading bar 
                  iv. A ‘Confirm Record To Delete’ dialog will open
                  v. Click to ‘Confirm’, or to change your mind, click ‘Cancel’
                  vi. Once deleted, to send the Campaign out you will need to go back to Create & Send and start the sending process again.

            Note: If the Campaign has begun to send emails when you open the Track section of your account, you won’t be able to stop this process. Deleting the Campaign after sending has begun will not cancel the process midway.

            For more information (including screenshots) and a downloadable copy of this guide please visit 'How to...Send an Email'
            Updated: 27 Nov 2017 09:24 PM
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