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            This guide takes you through your account’'s system Settings screen. To open this screen, click the second icon in from the right on the top green navigation bar in your account (cog icon) and choose 'Settings'.


            What can I do in Settings?

            You can turn on/off and update a number of system behaviours in the Settings screen. These are kept under 2 tabs, 'Account' and 'Personalisation'. Whenever you make any changes in these tabs, click the 'Save' button top left to apply them.


            The Account tab

            These are the general System settings grouped according to Section.



            Send system notifications to: 
            System notifications are emails that the system may send you, such as - Password Reset, Low or Insufficient Quota, Export or Import Report. The email address that was used when the account was created will have been saved here, but can be changed.


            1. Low Quota Notification
              A notification email is sent when the account’s quota reaches the 'Low quota level'. Choose at what level this happens, as well as who receives the email.
            2. Bounce Threshold
              An email sent to a Contact 'bounces' when it is returned to your ‘From’ email address undelivered. Set how many times an email can bounce before it is unsubscribed from your account.

              See also our user guide: Managing bounces


            1. Reports export
              Tailor the data that appears whenever Contact data is exported from the Track Section.

              a. Leave both options unchecked if you just need the core data for each Contact (Email Address, Title, First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Mobile Number, Date Added).

              b. Select 'Include extended Data Tags' to also export additional data such as Date of Birth, Job Title, Address, City, Postcode etc. for each Contact.

              c. Select 'Include Custom Tags' if you also want to export Custom Tag data.

              See also our user guide:  How to… Custom Tags.
            2. Google Analytics
              You can track your email campaigns' performance by linking your Google Analytics account to your NewZapp account.

              a. Select 'Include Google Analytics' to add Google Analytics data for every link in your emails. The Google Analytics Campaign Name should be specified in each campaign’s Email Details before sending.

              b. There is also an option to set a ‘Default GA Campaign Name’ which will be used if one isn’t specified in your email campaign.

              See also our guide:  How to… Google Analytics.


            1. 'Forward to a Friend' sign-up message
              If you email campaign has a button enabling 'Forward to a Friend', then you can tailor the message which appears at the top of the email that the 'Friend' receives. This will appear along with details of who sent the email to the ‘Friend’,
              and a link that allows the 'Friend' to opt-in to future emails..
            2. Contact sign up
              Choose whether or not a new online Contact receives a 'Double opt-in' email. 'Double opt-in' is a process whereby an online Contact is required to confirm their sign-up via a link emailed to them in order for them to be added to the account’s mailing list.

              a. 'Double opt-in' email switched ON ensures that online Contacts receive a double opt-in email, sent by the system on your behalf.

              The Contact will need to click the link in this email to complete the subscription process and be added to your mailing list. Without confirming the subscription, the Contact will not be added into your account. This can be a useful method to ensure that the email address is valid and in use, and that a third party hasn’t been involved in the subscription. 

              b. ‘Double opt-in' email switched OFF will mean that any online Contacts are added to your account without the need to confirm via a link emailed to them.

              Please note: The content of the 'Double opt-in' email is not editable but can be set with a 'From' email address of your choice via the Create section of the Settings screen, and branded with a company name and logo using the 'Company Branding' section of the Settings screen.
            3. Unsubscribe confirmation
              Choose whether or not someone that clicks the 'unsubscribe' link in one of your emails receives a follow up 'Goodbye' email.

              The purpose of this email is to:

              a. Give the Contact confirmation that the unsubscribe has been actioned.

              b. Give the Contact the option to re-subscribe if the unsubscribe was in error or done by someone else who they forwarded their email to.

              The content of the ‘Goodbye' email is not editable but can be branded with a company name and logo using the 'Company Branding' section of the Settings screen.

              You can read more about this feature in our Help Centre article: Goodbye email.

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            Company Branding

            1. Company Name
              Set the Company Name you wish to use in places such as your Contacts' Preferences page, and on your 'Double opt-in' and 'Goodbye' emails. 


            1. Logo Upload
              You can upload a logo to your account which will then be used in places such a as your Contacts' Preferences page, your 'Double opt-in' and 'Goodbye' emails, or when you generate a Manager’s Report PDF in Track. There are also tools to upload a replacement logo, or delete the logo altogether.


            Cancel your account
            It is possible to close your account completely using the 'Yes/No' selector. 
            Be aware, however, that re-activation can only be done through your Account Manager.


            The Personalisation tab

            This is where you set default or 'fallback' values for 4 common personalisation tags you may want to use in your email campaigns. They ensure that if any of these pieces of data are missing for any Contacts, the default value will be displayed instead.


            For example, if you wish to use start an email with the salutation "We have news for everyone at [companyname]." but you do not have a company name stored for every Contact, you could set a default ‘Company name’ of "your company". If your email is then sent to a Contact for whom a company name is not stored, the salutation in their email would appear as "We have news for everyone at your company." rather than "We have news for everyone at .".


            See also our guide: How to… Personalisation


            For more information (including screenshots) and a downloadable copy of this guide please visit 'How to...Settings'



            Updated: 04 Jul 2019 05:30 PM
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