How to...Active Contacts

            An Active Contact is any unique email address you upload, store and/or send to during a billing period. 


            Frequently Asked Questions


            Where can I see how many Active Contacts I have? Your Active Contact total and plan total are shown in green (until you come close to or go over the total) on the Dashboard area of the Contacts section.


            What if my Active Contact total goes above my plan? 

            You'll not be able to send until you upgrade or remove any Contacts you have not sent to. The total will go yellow as a warning when you come within 10% of your plan total, and red when you go over it. 


            I've deleted my Contacts but the Active Contact number didn't go down

            Deleting addresses that have been sent to during a billing period still count as Active Contacts and so will not reduce your Active Contact total.


            What's the difference between All Contacts and Active Contacts? 

            • ‘All Contacts’ is a list of live addresses which takes into account imports, deletions and unsubscribes. 
            • ‘Active Contacts’ is ‘All Contacts’ plus any addresses sent to and then subsequently removed during a billing period

            If I go over my Active Contact limit can I just pay the difference to the next pricing plan? 

            No. You will need to upgrade and start a new billing period to continue sending. Or you can remove any Contacts not sent to. 


            Will my renewal payment automatically adjust based on my Active Contacts?  

            No. The only way to alter your automatic renewal payment is to contact us at least 3 working days before the due date.


            For Example: 

            If you add 5,000 Contacts and send to them you will have 5,000 Active Contacts. For this you will need a NewZapp Unlimited 5,000 plan. 


            If you subsequently delete all 5,000 Contacts and upload 2,500 new Contacts you will have 7,500 Active Contacts and you will need to upgrade to the 10,000 Unlimited plan to continue sending.


            Any tips on managing my Active Contact limit?  

            After each import it is good practice to check your Active Contact total before sending a campaign. If need be, this will allow you to delete any recently added Contacts so you stay under your Active Contact limit. Once a Contact has been sent to it will form part of the total until a new billing period begins.


            For more information (including screenshots) and a downloadable copy of this guide please visit 'How to...Active Contacts'


            Updated: 31 Mar 2019 10:02 PM
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