How to add a NewZapp email sign-up form to Facebook

            As well as offering a means of adding an email sign-up form to your website did you know you can also add this form to your Facebook page?

            By doing this you can leverage your social media presence and encourage your followers to sign up to receive your emails, thus adding another avenue for increasing your contact list and promoting your business.

            There are some key differences compared to the code used in the standard email signup form, so in this guide we will show you what's needed to add a very simple NewZapp email sign-up form to your Facebook profile.

            Please download the guide by clicking here .

            Please note to add this form to Facebook you'll need your account CID number which can be found under the cog icon (top right of any screen when you're logged into NewZapp) and then company details.
            Updated: 31 Mar 2019 09:14 PM
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