How to add a 'Play' button to an image to make it look like a video link

            If you want to promote a video in your email campaign, you might want to link to it from an image that has a 'Play' icon on it. This then gives the impression that clicking it will make an video play in the email. What you will actually be doing is setting a link on the image that takes your reader to the online location of the video where they can watch in a browser window.

            The added bonus of this method is that click data will be available in the campaign's Track report, enabling you to see who clicked to view the video.

            There are good reasons why embedding a video in an email is not a great idea, and you can read more about this in the following FAQ article:

            In support of this advice, there is a way to easily add what looks like a 'Play' button to an image, using the 'Add Text' option in NewZapp's Photo Editor.

            Here are the steps to take:
            1. Login to NewZapp, and go the Create & Send section
            2. Using the Drag & Drop editor, upload your image in to your account.
                Usual limits apply, you need a .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png no larger than 3MB in size.
            3. Once uploaded hover over the thumbnail of your image in the Images pane, and three icons are available to you.
            4. Select the paintbrush icon 'Open image in Photo Editor'.
            5. When the Photo Editor modal opens, select the "Text" button on the tool bar.
            6. A text box will appear on top of you image and where the placeholder says 'Enter text here', type this character which is part of the Arial Black font set: ►
                (you can copy and paste it from here)
            7. Stretch the text box size so you get a really nice chunky sized triangle
            8. Make it White using the colour palette on the tool bar
            9. When the icon is how you want it, click the 'Apply' button and you will be taken back to the Photo Editor main screen.
            9. Use more tools to edit your image further or click the 'Save' button to save and close the editor.
            10. A new version of your image will be now available in your Images pane, with a new name given to it by the system. Your original image will still be intact.
            11. If you haven't yet used the new image in an email, you can rename it using the 'Rename image' icon available when you hover over the thumbnail.

            Note: The 'Save' action flattens the image, so once you have saved an image with text, you wont be able to edit the icon further.

            To view an example of an image with a play button icon, visit our blog:

            Updated: 29 Nov 2017 08:35 PM
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