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            How to... Audit Trail

            This guide takes you through your account’s Audit Trail screen. To open this screen, click the second icon in from the right on the top green bar in your account (cog icon) and choose “Audit Trail”.

            What is the Audit Trail?
            A log of every key action undertaken by every user of your account, listed in date/time descending order (most recent at the top). 

            Each action logs:
            1. Actioned           (when the action happened - a date/time stamp in dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss format)
            2. Username         (who took the action)
            3. Section              (the part of the system where the action took place)
            4. Action                (the action that was taken)
            5. Item                   (which item was affected by the action)
            6. IP address         (the IP address of the user who took the action)

            You can search for specific actions using one or a combination of the three available filters. You can filter by section, user or date:
            1. User
              Click the dropdown and choose from a list of all the users associated with logged activity in your account. A user who hasn’t logged in will not be listed here.
            2. Section
              Click the dropdown and choose from a list of all the sections in which activity has been logged in your account.
            3. Date Range
              Either enter dates in the dd/mm/yyyy format or click the date picker buttons to choose one or two dates to show actions between. You can pick days, months and years within the picker popups, clear the selected date or choose Today – the picker will highlight the current day by default.

            You can export the entire record or a filtered part of it. Click the Export button once you are happy with your displayed results. Exported files will be in CSV (comma separated value) format.

            Refresh data
            To load the latest data from your account, click the Refresh button. This also clears any applied filters. 

            Historical Data
            Just like any new feature, Audit Trail can only list actions from the time the data was recorded. Audit Trail was activated on April 2nd 2019.

            For more information (including screenshots) and a list of recorded actions please see the full guide How to... Audit Trail

            Updated: 04 Jul 2019 05:32 PM
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