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            How to create an email

            This guide will take you through the steps and show you just how easy it is to create an email using either 
            1. your own bespoke template design
            2. or one of the range of generic designs provided in your account

            Step 1 - Login to your account

            1. Go to and enter your username (email address) and password.
            2. The first screen to open is the 'Start' screen

            Step 2 - Start a new email 

            1. On the 'Start' screen click on the first of the four options. The button says "Get Started"
            2. This takes you to the 'Create & Send' section of your account

            Step 3 - Enter the email's basic details

            1. On the 'Email Details' screen enter all the details that you want associated with your new email, such as subject line, and the "from" name and email address.
            2. Click the button top right of screen that says "Next Step"
            3. This takes you to the 'Pick A Template' screen

            Step 4 - Pick an email template style

            1. On the 'Pick A Template' screen you now choose the template style you want for your new email. The three types of template to choose from:
                - Bespoke - templates that have been made especially for your account 
                - Basic - templates that will a plain style of email, or be ideal if you want to be creative with adding content 
                - Themed - are pre-designed layouts, ideal if you were looking for a'Christmas' style email for example.

            2. Click on the thumbnail picture of the template you want to use.
            3. Click on the button top right of screen that says "Next Step"
            4. This takes you to the 'Add Content' screen

            Step 5 - Add content using the Drag & Drop editor 

            From here you can add content using the wide range of Drag & Drop tools available. 
            You can send an email to yourself and/or contacts from here.
            An email can also be saved for future editing.

            Where next?

            If you're using NewZapp for the first time and would like to chat about how to get the most from it, please call us on 01392 447200
            If you'd like to read more about the editing tools available, try this selection of user guides:

            1. Guides on using the editor
            2. Articles about the Drag & Drop editor 
            3. Guides on uploading and managing your contacts
            4. Articles about managing contacts in NewZapp
            5. How to send an email to yourself or your contacts
            6. FAQs about all topics


            Updated: 22 May 2019 02:04 AM
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