How to... Images

            Upload images into your account via the Images panel. Once uploaded, your images are ready to drag and drop into your email.

            You can upload the following image types:
            • .jpg
            • .jpeg
            • .gif (including animated gifs)
            • .png

            Maximum accepted file size is 1MB. But NewZapp’s built-in compression tools optimise your larger images down to a best practice size, meaning an actual upload limit of up to 15MB

            You can create folders and subfolders to organise your images. If a folder is open when you upload an image, then that’s where you will find it in the future.

            You can choose grid (thumbnail) or list view, and there is a search bar that will help you find the image you’re after by searching image file names.  This starts working as you type and is a super quick way to find an image.

            Uploading Images
            There are two methods for uploading an image. Either drag and drop it from its location onto the Images panel drop zone, or click on the drop zone which will guide you to selecting the image from the files on your computer. There is a progress bar on the image so you can see when it has finished uploading. Once it has, you can drag and drop the image into your email.

            Pretty Pictures
            Want to make your images really pop with a filter effect? Fancy a fancy frame? Want to give someone a funny hat, or just need to correct a wonky photo? You can do it all and more in the Image Editor. Access the editor by hovering over your image in the image panel and clicking the editor (paint brush) button that appears over it. From left to right the buttons are Image Editor, Rename and Delete. When using the Delete button you will be asked to confirm the action.

            Image Properties
            Want to add alternative text to an image, or maybe resize or re-align it? Here’s where the tools in Image Properties will help.
            Click to select the image in your email, then click the Image Properties button on the toolbar under the Save and Save As buttons. Alternatively right-click the image itself to access.

            Alternative text
            Sometimes referred to as an ‘Alt Tag’, Alternative Text is a piece of text which will show up in place of an image for anyone whose email reader has images turned off by default.

            Alternative Text can be picked up by screen reading software used by visually impaired users to read content displayed on a computer screen. Most spam filters also look for the presence of Alternative Text when scoring an email, so it’s worthwhile including one on each image in your campaign.

            NewZapp includes the Alternative Text “image” for every image that you drop into an email, but you can tailor this to something more descriptive using this Properties dialog box if you wish to.

            Image re-sizing
            When you drop an image onto an image block:
            • If the image is wider than the block, then it will be automatically reduced in size by the system to make an exact fit. As part of this process the editor saves this smaller copy as a brand new image and a record of this is saved automatically to your Resized” image folder.
            • If the image is not as wide as the block then it will be aligned centre and remain at actual size.
            To resize your image we recommend using the Image Editor which has a whole host of tools include resize, crop, contrast, add text etc.

            For details on all the editor tools available, see:  How to… Image Editor

            You can also use the Image Properties pop-up to resize an image. With the image selected, you can type a width and/or height value in pixels in the box(es) provided on the Image Properties pop-up.

            - The ratio is set to ‘locked’ by default - meaning once you insert one value, the other value will be automatically calculated to retain its original proportions.
            - If you wish to distort/stretch your image you can click the padlock icon to unlock the ratio. When the ratio is unlocked you can type values to either box without affecting the other value, to achieve your desired image dimensions.
            - At any time you can reset the image to its original dimensions by clicking the reset icon.

            Image Alignment
            When you drop in image into an image block, if the image is not as wide as the block then it will be aligned centre of the block by default. You can set it to left or right using the radio buttons available in the Properties dialog box. Please note:  Align ‘left’ and ‘right’ settings are not recognised by Outlook 07/10/13/16 or Windows 10 Mail, so it these email readers are key for you we’d suggest adapting your image, use a different image, or use Layout Blocks to divide the area down into smaller blocks for more precise dropping of the image.

            Image Links 
            In the same way you can make a text phrase into a clickable hyperlink, you can also add a link to an image.

            This is particularly useful if you are using images for call to action buttons, but your Subscribers are likely to try clicking on any image in your campaign, so don’t let that click be in vain!

            Click to select the image in your email, then click the Link button on the toolbar under the Save and Save As buttons. You can then follow the same process as linking text, choosing to either link to a url or to an email address.

            For more information (including screenshots) and a downloadable copy of this guide please visit 'How to...Images'
            Updated: 30 Nov 2018 04:35 AM
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