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            This article explains how to manage a NewZapp account’s users, in terms of how many an account can have, how users are added, how a user’s permissions are denied and what a NewZapp Safety Lockout is.

            How many users can an account have?

            The number of users for any one NewZapp account depends on the licence that the account has installed. Each user of a NewZapp account has their own unique username and password to login with. 

            To check which licence your account has, contact your Account Manager or look up the information yourself by logging in to your account and going to the Products screen. To open this screen, click the second icon in from the right on the top green navigation bar in your account (cog icon) and choose “Products”.

            Listed on the Products screen will be the name of your account’s licence, which will have mention of how many users are included.

            e.g. A licence of ‘NewZapp Enterprise Licence - 3 Users‘ would indicate that the account is able to have up to three unique users, each with their own username and password for login, all able to login to the account at the same time.

            If the licence name either includes ‘1 User’ or does not include any mention of users, then the account has a single user licence and only one user has permission to login with their own single username and password.

            How many users can be logged into an account at the same time?

            NewZapp is ‘session’ based for security.  When you login to your account, a session begins - and when you logout the session ends. One user = one session. The username and password for a user who has logged in cannot be used again whilst a session is ongoing.
            An account can have as many unique users logged in, at any one time, as its licence permits.

            Each time a User logs in:
            • There will be no message on screen to indicate if another user(s) is already logged in
            • There will be no need for any users already logged in to log out, and they will not be forcibly logged out.
            • There will be no restrictions on what each User can access/edit/update at any time.
            An account cannot have one unique user logged in more than once at any one time.  If a User is already logged in, their username and password cannot be used to login on another machine, browser type, browser tab.

            Should another User attempt to login with the same details:
            • NewZapp Safety Lockout will detect that there is an active session on the account and will block any further logins until that session has ended.
            • NewZapp Safety Lockout will display an advisory message to explain why login has failed.

            How to add a user to an account

            The number of users for any one NewZapp account depends on the licence that the account has installed. To buy an upgrade to your licence and add more users to your account, contact your Account Manager. If you have spare user “seats” you can then allocate these to new users. 

            The process is as follows:
            1. Contact your Account Manager with details for your new account user.
            2. All your Account Manager needs is their email address, this must be one which has not been used in association with any other NewZapp account and will be the new user’s username.
              - Your Account Manager will instruct the system to send an invitation email to the new user.
              - Invitations are valid for a 24hr period, after which time they expire if not used.
            3. Should an invitation expire you can ask your Account Manager to send a new one.
            4. When the new user receives their email, they need to click the button to ‘Verify’ the invitation.
            5. This will take them to a form for them to complete their new user status, by entering their first name, last name and choice of password.
            6. On successful registration the screen will take the new user to the login screen and they can use their new credentials to login straight away.
            7. A Welcome email will also be sent to the new user as confirmation of success.

            How to remove a user from an account

            If at any point you need to remove a user from an account, contact your Account Manager who will organise this for you. Once a user has been removed, their permissions will be denied and they will not be able to login to the account.

            How to logout and end a user session

            As a user of a NewZapp account, you could find yourself unable to login if you didn’t end your previous NewZapp session correctly.
            For example, if you "crash the session" by clicking the X on the tab or browser window you are using, you may not be able to log back in for up to 30 minutes whilst the active session expires.

            It’s therefore crucial that you logout of NewZapp correctly, using the ‘logout’ icon which appears in the top right of your account screen at all times. This will end your session correctly, allowing instant re-access to the account.

            For more information on getting the most from your NewZapp account, visit our Knowledge Base or contact us on

            Updated: 04 Jul 2019 05:37 PM
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