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            How to schedule an email to send later

            The time that you send an email is key to it's success. Just because your email is complete doesn't mean it's appropriate to send it right now.

            NewZapp has a scheduling feature which enables you to set a day & time for your email to be sent in the future, instead of having to send it immediately.

            Scheduling an email

            In the Create & Send section of your account, open the email you want to send.
            1. From the Add Content screen, click the Next Step button on the top right of the screen.
            2. This takes you to Sending Options.
            3. The default setting is for your email to send immediately, but bottom left of the screen (underneath the Choose Recipients section) is the Choose Sending Time section.
            4. Click the grey 'Schedule' button to see time and date pickers (see image below).
            5. Simply use the drop down menus to select a date, hour and minute to send on.
            6. The time zone referred to here is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). 

            When you’re ready to continue, click the Next Step button top proceed to the Final Checks screen.
            1. The Final Checks screen displays all your selected choices for the send.
            2. It also confirms the time and date of your scheduled send time (see image below).
            3. If any details on this screen are not correct, click 'Sending Options' on the navigation bar to go back and make adjustments
            4. Or cancel and go back to the editor.
            5. If all details are correct, click the Scheduled Send button top right of screen, and the email send will be scheduled to send!
            6. A pop-up message will say “Congratulations - Campaign Scheduled” 

            IMPORTANT NOTE:  
            Any changes you make to an email which you have already scheduled to send later, will NOT be reflected in the email already scheduled to send.

            To change the email you will need to cancel the send, and re-schedule the email. 

            How do I know the email has been scheduled successfully? 

            Once the confirmation popup “Congratulations – Campaign Scheduled” has appeared, your email will be queued on the sending server ready to go at your chosen date/time.

            1. Go to the Reports part of your account.
            2. In the middle of the screen is the Campaign Summary table, a list of the 10 most recent emails sent or scheduled, by date order most recent at the top
              e.g. an email that has been scheduled will sit above any emails which have already been sent
            3. You can identify a scheduled email campaign by the status column showing 'Scheduled' and a calendar icon,
            4. whereas a sent email campaign shows the status as 'Complete' with a tick icon (see image above). 

            Stopping/Cancelling an email before it sends  

            You will have the opportunity to stop/cancel a scheduled email at any time before the scheduled date/time.
            1. Go to the Reports part of your account
            2. If the campaign has not begun to send emails, select it from the Navigation panel on the left of screen (each campaign is listed by email name)
            3. Click the Delete button on the Navigation heading bar (see image below)
            4. A pop-up will open ‘Confirm Record To Delete’ 
            5. Click to ‘Confirm’, or to change your mind, click ‘Cancel’ 
            IMPORTANT NOTE:  Once deleted, to send the Campaign out you will need to go back to Create & Send and start the sending process again.

            IMPORTANT NOTE:  If the Campaign has begun to send emails, you won’t be able to stop this process. The screen will allow you to Delete the Campaign as outlined above, but it will only delete your record of the campaign and it WILL NOT cancel the sending process midway. 

            For more information (including screenshots) and a downloadable copy of this guide please visit 'How to...Send an Email'

            Updated: 24 Jun 2019 11:30 PM
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