How to... Spam Check

            Assess your campaign’s deliverability before you send with our one-click comprehensive Spam Check.

            Create your campaign in the editor or open an existing one. In the bottom right of your screen, click the Spam Check tab.

            Loading the Spam Check normally takes less than 15 seconds. In some instances this might take a few more seconds, but it’s worth it because it checks every aspect of your campaign, including the Subject Line, SPF record and many more.

            When your Spam Check appears you will be able to see your campaign’s score out of 10, 10 being the best possible result.

            Your score is calculated using a number of checks, which can be expanded to provide detailed results and explanations of each check. To expand a result, click one of the blue plus symbols.

            If you have any red crosses on the right, expand using the blue plus to find out what’s wrong. In some cases, changes might need to be made to your email content, in which case you can simply click back to the editor tab, make the changes and then retest using the refresh button to update your results.

            You can refresh your Spam Check after you save your changes in the editor. Just clicking the Spam Check tab again will instantly show you your last results, which is great if you have several changes to do.

            If Spam Check says you need to make improvements to Authentication, you may need to change settings such as your SPF record, DMARC and DKIM.

            Updated: 01 Apr 2019 12:11 AM
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