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            How to use Automation to send an email to imported Subscribers asking them to confirm their opt-in

            NewZapp enables you send an email request for Double Opt-in when a new Subscriber signs up to your account via an online web form linked to your account.

            But what if you want to request confirmation of opt-in after importing data into your account yourself? 

            Here's how....

            You can include a confirmation link in any email campaign, which allows Subscribers already in your account the opportunity to confirm their wish to receive emails from you. This method includes use of the the [confirm] tag and instructions can be found in the following article:

            Using Automation means you can trigger an email like this after you have imported data into your account.

            For example:
            1. Create a Group called 'Opt-In Automation'.
            2. Create a Welcome style Automation, setting this Group as the Automation's audience.
            3. Create an email for Step 1 of your Automation, that includes the Confirm tag (follow the link above for instructions).
            4. The Trigger for Step 1 to send an email needs to be 'Subscriber Added to Audience' when a Subscriber is 'Imported' into the audience (group).
            5. Start the Automation.
            6. Go to the Subscribers section of your account and click to 'Add Subscribers' with the method 'Upload a File', selecting the 'Existing Group' called 'Opt-In Automation'.
            7. Using this method you are importing Subscribers into the group.
            8. Your Automation will then be triggered to send an email to the imported Subscribers asking for confirmation of opt-in.
            This email would give all subscribers who have been imported into the account by admin, the opportunity to opt-in. These actions will be recorded in the individual subscriber card.

            Note ignoring this confirmation link does not unsubscribe your Subscribers, and you will need to use Data Management (as part of the GDPR) to manage subscribers who have or have not clicked to confirm consent to receive your emails.

            There are filters available in your account which can help with locating which subscribers have confirmed.
            NewZapp also has Segmentation tools which can give you the opportunity to re-target Subscribers that haven’t opted in.

            And you could use Automation to send a follow up email, or series of emails, to those who do.

            Updated: 01 May 2018 07:25 PM
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