I can't login to my account!

            If you are having trouble logging in to NewZapp it may be due to one of two things:

            1) You may be using an incorrect username and/or password.

            If you are seeing this message on the login screen:
            Invalid username or password. Please check fields and try again. Remember passwords are case sensitive.
            - Has an incorrect username  (this is your email address) and/or password been typed in? 
            - Are you using the correct case sensitive characters?
            - Has an incorrect username and/or password been cached by your browser?
            First thing to try is closing your browser window and trying again in a new one. Go to the NewZapp login page and type both username and password afresh.
            You might also decide to clear your cache to erase your browser's auto-fill options in case an incorrect username and/or password has been stored by the browser. 
            If you decide to reset your password you can do so using the link on the login page. More details can be found here: How do I change my password?

            2) Someone may already be logged in with your username and password.
            If you are seeing this message on the login screen:
            Login failed. We’re sorry but the system has detected that you are currently logged in on this unique username and password.
            - Does someone else have your unique username and password and are they already logged in?
            - Have you recently been logged into you account, but you closed the browser instead of using the NewZapp logout button?
            Safety Lockout is a feature which protects a user’s active session. Once a user logs in, no other logins with that username and password is permitted until they have successfully logged out.

            To successfully logout it's IMPORTANT to use your account's logout button:

            More details about managing the users of your account can be found here: Safety Lockout and in our downloadable guide How to... Manage Users

            If you are still having a problem logging in, and you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, you may need to adjust your ActiveX setting. Read more here.

            Or email us on support@newzapp.co.uk or raise a Help Ticket and we can help you with this.

            Updated: 04 Jul 2019 05:36 PM
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