I can't login to my account!

            If you are having trouble logging in to NewZapp then you may be using an incorrect username and/or password.

            Things to be aware of:
            - Has an incorrect username and/or password been typed in?
            - Has an incorrect username and/or password been cached by your browser?
            First thing to try is closing your browser window and trying again in a new one. Go to the NewZapp login page and type both username and password afresh.

            You might also decide to clear your cache to erase your browser's auto-fill options in case an incorrect username and/or password has been stored by the browser. 
            If you decide to reset your password you can do so using the link on the login page. More details can be found here: How do I change my password?

            If you are still having a problem logging in, email us on support@newzapp.co.uk or raise a Help Ticket and we can help you with this.
            Updated: 27 Feb 2018 02:32 AM
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