In-house Training

            Improve Your Skills with Our Essential Training
            Continual employee training is a crucial part of every organisation and helps to improve skills and deliver maximum benefit at every level. All training, no matter what level it is at, needs to be engaging, informative, enjoyable and memorable.

            Upskill Your Teams
            At NewZapp we recognise the importance of personal development plans and the value that properly structured training programmes bring to an organisation.

            We know that by investing in your employees you are investing in the future skills of your teams and ensuring you can get the best from them.

            World-class Training
            We have structured email marketing training programmes which are particularly suited to organisations looking to further the personal development of their employees and to encourage best practice email communications.

            Our training covers not just about how to use NewZapp, but also how to get the most from your email communications regardless of the platform you use.

            What's Included
            Your trainer will be one of the NewZapp Directors, Darren Hepburn, who has been with NewZapp for over 13 years and will deliver Our Essential Training at a location and on a date of your choosing.

            We have different levels of training that explore the many different aspects of effective email communications, each one building on what you have learned in the previous session.

            Each training session includes a 4-hour hands on experience which focuses on key email communication topics.

            The sessions are designed to suit the requirements of your email communications and the needs of your organisation and your employees.

            Essential training package levels
            The training packages offered suit all levels of email communication knowledge and include:

            • Level 1 – Starting Your Communications Journey with NewZapp
            • Level 2 - Delivering Information Value in a Noisy Inbox with NewZapp
            • Level 3 - Proving Engagement and Showing a Return On Your Investment from your Communications with NewZapp
            • Level 4 - Segmentation and How to Drive Organisational Awareness with NewZapp
            • Level 5 - Automating Information Dissemination in an Organisation with NewZapp
            • Refresher Training
            Training in further advanced topics are available on request and bespoke training sessions can be built to meet specific needs if required.

            We recommend that training sessions are done in sequence as each one builds on the previous sessions content.

            Sessions can be repeated as required or refresher sessions delivered to cover required points from previous sessions. You can include the cost of training in your NewZapp License.

            Contact us using the form below or on 01392 447200 for a quote.
            Updated: 15 Jan 2018 07:30 AM
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