NewZapp System User Guides

            Create & Send

            How to use layout, image and text Blocks to add structure to your emails and allow you to add and edit specific types of content.

            How to create Custom Blocks to use over and over again, saving you time and giving you a consistent style.

            How to use images in your email campaigns. Upload, rename, edit, manage and link as many images as you like.

            How to use NewZapp's incredibly powerful built-in Image Editor to create stunning edits of any jpeg, png or gif image.

            How to upload and link to PDF documents stored in your NewZapp account.

            How to enter all your Email Details. 'From Name' and Subject Line optimisation tips and character limits for all fields including Google Analytics campaign names.

            How to use Google Analytics integration. NewZapp Enterprise and Enterprise XL accounts only.

            How to understand the navigation panel. Previously saved emails with options to add, edit or delete emails in your account.

            How to use personalisation tags in your emails to pull in details from your Contact database in your NewZapp campaigns.

            How to send an email. Once you are happy with how your email looks it's time to send it to your Contacts. Includes instructions on how to schedule ahead.

            How to add design elements to your emails. Change block and email background colours.

            How to use your NewZapp account to create landing pages for use with your email campaigns.

            How to add Social Blocks to your email. Contacts can then follow your social media accounts or share the email you sent on their own feeds.

            How to Upload your own email. So you’ve created your own HTML template. Getting it up and running in NewZapp is easy.

            Use our one-click Spam Check straight from the editor to assess your campaign's deliverability before you send.


            See your email marketing campaign results with the help of NewZapp Reports.

            View and export data such as Hotspots, clicks, opens, bounces, social sharing, email readers, devices used. Access Google Analytics and print a Manager's Report.


            How to Group your Contacts. Create, edit, manage and remove Groups of Contacts.

            How to manage your publicly selectable Groups for your Subscriber Preferences screens.

            How to use Custom Tags to import your own style of data into your NewZapp account and into your NewZapp email campaigns.

            How to use Segments to making sending to your Contacts more dynamic. Use filter tools to segment based on data and behaviour.

            Understanding and managing the number of Active Contacts in your NewZapp account.

            How to filter your Contacts to easily search, Group and Segment. If you have the information, there’s a filter to find it.

            Do you have a particular Contacts or selection of Contacts you don’t want to receive a certain campaign?

            How to Remove or Unsubscribe Contacts, the differences and which is right for the task.

            How to import Contacts into your NewZapp account either one at a time by manual entry, or in bulk by file import using .csv, .xls or .xlsx file types.

            How to export a CSV file of all your Contacts, any Group or a completely custom filtered result.

            Each Contacts has all their details stored in their Contacts Card, including actions useful for compliance with the GDPR. View and edit the data stored for each Contacts.

            How to organise Groups of Contacts in Folders and Subfolders for easier and quicker navigation.

            The Contacts Dashboard overview shows your Contacts gains/losses, import/export reports, and Active Contacts.

            What is Double Opt-in? How to set it up in your account and make best use of this powerful onboarding feature via a website signup form.


            How to make your own masterpiece for a really positive Contacts onboarding experience with a Welcome Automation.

            How to make a Birthday or Anniversary Automation and celebrate with your Contacts.

            How to use Triggers to send your Automation emails. An overview of each Trigger Type and examples of use.

            How to effectively set your Automation audience. Audience type (Segment, Group or All) needs careful consideration.

            How to setup Automation Steps. Your Automation can contain up to 5 Steps, each consisting of an Email and a Trigger...

            On the My Automations screen you can view statistics, view Automation details or control them without opening them.

            How to schedule an Automation Step to ensure your emails are sent at the optimum time for your Contacts.

            Account Settings

            A guide to managing your NewZapp account settings, such as low quota notifications, double opt-in and adding branding to your system screens.

            All you need to know about your NewZapp users. How to manage your login sessions, how to add or remove users, and what Safety Lock is.

            A guide to the Audit Trail covering section, user and/or date range filters, file export and a full list of actions logged.


            Visitors to your website can use this signup form to subscribe to your NewZapp account.

            Visitors to your Facebook page can use this signup form to subscribe to your NewZapp account..

            The designer's guide to building templates. This guide assumes you have a good understanding of coding in HTML & CSS.

            The developers' guide to the NewZapp API. Integration, keys, registered & authorised applications & call history.

            Updated: 10 Jul 2019 08:38 PM
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