Pasting content into a text block

            When adding content into an email, it's natural that you need to save time by pasting it from elsewhere, such as from another email or a web page.

            Unfortunately it's really easy to find that unwanted styling is also pasted into your email, which then gives you unexpected styling issues when your email is sent to Outlook.

            There's a simple way to paste only clean and plain text, which you should follow.

            This animation shows you how to paste content using the 'Paste Text' option available on right-click in any text block. Here the content is being copied and pasted from a web page, but it's just the same process if you were copying from an email, or a document:

            Why does it matter?
            This method cleans your content to ensure you don't accidentally bring in additional text styling and unwanted HTML code.

            Afterwards, use the NewZapp editor tool bar if additional styling is needed (such as bold text or a bulleted list).

            Note: We do not advise using the 'Paste from Word' option, as it is not assured to clean all unnecessary styling like the 'Paste Text' option does, and because Outlook is particularly sensitive to any Word code included in your email and will cause you inbox display issues.

            Updated: 26 Feb 2019 11:04 PM
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