NewZapp Products and Services

            The NewZapp Enterprise Annual Plan takes your email marketing to the next level: advanced Subscriber Management tools including Segmentation, Campaign Scheduling and Automation tools; Drag and Drop email editing; interactive open and click data with LIVE! Track; a Platinum bespoke responsive email template. 

            The NewZapp Professional Annual Package gives you everything you need to do some serious email marketing with Drag and Drop email editing, interactive open and click data with LIVE! Track and easy-to-use Subscriber Management tools. Want a free Gold bespoke mobile responsive email template too? Why not.

            NewZapp's complete Internal Communications Solution helps you leverage the power of NewZapp to better inform and engage your staff and colleagues, and track their interactions.

            NewZapp's complete Education Communications Solution gives you the tools to increase the levels of interaction and engagement amongst your students and colleagues using one platform.

            NewZapp's Dedicated Domain Solution improves your campaigns' deliverability by allowing you to leverage our expertise to properly manage your SPF record, DKIM verification, DMARC and IP reputation. Sending your email campaigns via a branded sub domain keeps your primary business domain safe from any blacklists.

            Invest in your team and design your own training day from a selection of modules covering a wide range of NewZapp and email marketing topics. Learn how to master Automations, Segmentation, Subscriber Management as well as GDPR best practice and tips for better open and response rates.

            All you need to know about NewZapp Email Marketing in one handy guide including: From the annual & monthly licences; Email packs for additional quota; Email template design; Dedicated domain solutions; Email Marketing & GDPR strategy; and marketing advice & support resources that are second to none.

            Details and pricing of our expertise services: Managed email campaigns; Email Marketing & GDPR strategy; Domain packs to maintain good IP reputation; Training for your staff; Email template design; extra Custom Blocks; enhanced data analytics; & SEO packages to boost your Google search rankings.

            Some FAQs about using NewZapp's Unlimited package to send any number of emails for a monthly fee, based on the number of active subscribers in your account - simple & cost-effective.

            NewZapp Enhanced Analytics uses statistics generated using Big Data from your email campaigns, which can then be compared with industry averages to better measure performance & engagement.

            Updated: 28 Sep 2018 05:09 AM
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