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            PROMPT a checklist for campaign content creation

            When creating your email content, make sure your campaign is on track by using the acronym PROMPT
            PROMPT Checklist
            Here's a checklist on how to keep your own email campaigns fresh enough to engage your subscribers. 

            P - Presentation
            Is the information clearly communicated? Look at language, writing style, structure and layout.

            R - Relevance
            Does the information match your subscribers needs? Is it clear what the campaign is about?

            O - Objectivity 
            The style of writing. Is it from a company? A person? Is it emotive? Could it be perceived to be aggressive or too salesy? Does it make your subscriber feel that the information is targeted at them?

            M - Method 
            Did your subscriber sign up for all your marketing communications, or did they sign up to just hear about new styles of shoes? Did they physically take the time to sign up, or did they just give you a business card at a networking event? Consider what the subscriber would want you to do with their information.

            P - Provenance
            Be sure where your information has come from. If you are selling through your email campaigns, make sure that you include accurate product information. If you are quoting other sources, try not to plagiarise other peoples work to pass off as your own – it’s not good practice and can cause a problem if the original author notices. This includes use of images that you don't have permission to use.

            T - Timeliness
            If the content is time sensitive, make it clear by dating your campaign or mentioning time frames (for offers etc.). If including research or stats, check that sources are not out of date or obsolete. Check that your campaign hyperlinks are all working too – there is nothing worse than wasting a click with a dead link!

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            Updated: 01 Apr 2019 12:22 AM
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