Safety Lockout

            Guided by your feedback and our commitment to the GDPR & data security, we've introduced a Safety Lockout to the login area of NewZapp.

            What is a Safety Lockout?
            NewZapp is session based for data security, when a user logs in and out they signal the start and end of this session respectively. When two or more people are logged in to an account at the same time the active session can be disrupted.

            Based on customer feedback, this can be any of the following:
            • Loss of work after clicking save in the editor
            • Subscribers or Track failing to load
            • Being logged out of the system
            • Time outs when trying to login
            To prevent our customers experiencing the above we’ve introduced a new Safety Lockout on accounts. Once a user logs in, no other logins with that username and password will be permitted until they have successfully logged out. Protecting the user’s active session.

            Customers with multiple users of one unique username and password
            No problem – the Safety Lockout will detect that there is an active session on the account and prevent any further logins until that session has ended. Once your colleague has finished, you’ll be able to login and start your session safely.

            **IMPORTANT NOTICE**

            It has always been crucial you logout of NewZapp securely by using logout in the top right of your account:

            This will end your session safely - allowing instant access to the account.

            If you "crash the session" by clicking the X on the tab or browser window you may not be able to log back in for up to 30 minutes whilst the active session expires.

            For more information on managing your account's users, please see How to... Manage Users

            Updated: 18 Oct 2018 07:41 PM
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