Safety Lockout

            **COMING SOON**

            We'll be introducing a new safety feature in NewZapp. 

            NewZapp is a single user licence but we accept that users may share their unique username and password with others in their organisation/department. This does cause issues when one or more users are logged in and using the same area. Such as:
            • Lost work on save
              If two or more users are editing emails, whoever clicks save last deletes any unsaved work for the others
            • Frozen loading screens
              NewZapp is session based for security, having multiple active sessions can cause the abrupt end of a users session, resulting in a frozen loading screen and potential loss of work
            To prevent annoying and time consuming loss of work we'll be introducing a Safety Lockout to the login area of NewZapp.

            NewZapp will identify if there is an active session on the account and block any further logins until that session has ended.

            **IMPORTANT NOTICE**

            It will be crucial you logout of NewZapp correctly - using logout in the top right of your account:

            This will end your session correctly - allowing instant access to the account.

            If you "crash the session" by clicking the X on the tab or browser window you may not be able to log back in for up to 30 minutes whilst the active session expires.

            Updated: 10 Jul 2018 02:14 AM
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