Contact Import Report

            Once your file has finished importing you will be able to view a summary report of the upload. 

            To access this information:
            • Go to your account's Contacts  section, and open the Dashboard. 
            • Your Dashboard includes an Import Feed and here you will see a history of Imports, listed by date.
            • The feed also stats the time of each import, the name of the import file and a link to the group into which the file was imported (if the file was not imported into a Group, then this will state and link to 'All Contacts').
            • Once the Import is complete you will be able to click on the chart icon to view the Import Report, which will open in a new dialog window. Please note the import reports are only available for a month after the import has taken place.
            Each Import Report displays:
            • The Import file name
            • The date and time of import
            • A summary of the Import, including how many Contacts were added to your account and/or how many Contacts were not added, in both a graphical pie chart format and as a text list.
            Reasons why a contact might not be successfully imported include:
            • The contact has previously unsubscribed
            • The contact  included invalid data, such as an invalid email address, or any other piece of data having more characters than is allowed in the field/tag which was chosen during import.
            If any of the contacts did not successfully import, the Import Report will offer the option to 'Export failures' in a .csv file.

            For more information about importing data into your NewZapp account, please see our guides:

            Updated: 31 Mar 2019 10:01 PM
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