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            The Marketing Mix of Email Marketing

            How do you apply the Marketing Mix to a virtual instance? Surely it’s easier to apply the Marketing Mix to a physical attribute? Sometimes people forget that these concepts can also be used in email marketing! The traditional 4Ps in the Marketing Mix has been expanded to 5Ps or even 7 dependent on your industry and environment. For this blog I shall be looking at the 7Ps and providing an overview of what they mean, as I believe that you can apply all of the areas to email marketing.

            If you don’t have a physical product to sell or write about that doesn’t mean you don’t have a product. The product can be an intangible object, such as a software-based service like NewZapp Email Marketing, an internal staff email, a invitation to an event or even a digest of what’s going on in your business.

            No matter if it’s a physical item or an email inviting someone for coffee; it is a product and one that should be relevant to your subscriber. Use our PROMPT and AIDCA checklists to confirm.

            Not everything has monetary value when we talk about pricing as part of the Marketing Mix. The price actually comes from the value of what you offer, is it worthwhile? Does the customer or your subscriber see that they are getting their money’s worth or feel that they are seeing the value of the service or product, even if it is free?

            Sometimes, to convert a lead from a free trial to a paid subscription, you need to show them the value of the product and not focus on the ultimate price. I’ve talked about it before in my blogs; the customer needs to have the interest in your product and the desire to need it because they can see the value over the price.

            The phrase “Being in the right place at the right time” springs to mind. Your email campaigns will end up in one of two places, the subscriber’s inbox or the subscriber’s junk folder. To assist with ending up in the right place (aka the subscriber inbox) you will need to check out our blog on deliverability and do your best to reach those inboxes avoiding those pesky spam filters.

            There actually is no right time to send a campaign, even though some people will argue until they are blue in the face that it’s on a Wednesday at 6pm! You need to know your subscriber base; if you have a mix of B2B and B2C customers you should segment your campaigns and target them at appropriate times such as 5:30pm for the commute opens or 10am on a Monday morning to land in a clean inbox.

            This part of the marketing mix often gets muddied with giving a discount or a cheeky BOGOFF offer. Promotion doesn’t have to be just about offering someone a deal they can’t resist. It can be about your brand and how that is utilised and found across various platforms. If the customer or subscriber can’t see you, they won’t engage with you.

            Email Marketing is one area within your whole brand concept that you need to consider integrating with your marketing strategy. Promotion doesn’t mean promoting yourself either. Again you need to use AIDCA to communicate the benefits of your service or product; it could be all about the service you provide, as that’s what people remember!

            People are fundamental to your reputation and brand. As Steve Jobs once said ‘Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people’. As a customer you rarely think of the people behind email marketing, but we all know that someone had to build the campaign and press ‘Send’.

            If you create email campaigns that are transactional, your campaign is your sales pitch; your first impression of your brand to your subscriber. Any phone calls or emails, promotional material (such as your template or brand design) or support for your services will also be conducted, or created, by people; ensuring everything is ‘on brand’ and everyone stays on-message.

            Process shouldn’t just be about stages in workflow or iterations in a project, it should be about the customer journey from start to finish. Put yourself in their shoes. How did they find your company? How did you get their data? What do they want to hear about? Customers don’t make a decision to purchase as instantly or as quickly as they used to. They take their time and do their research. It is crucial to create and maintain a good impression, whether through your email marketing and other parts of the Marketing Mix.

            They say on average it takes 12 contacts for a potential to convert to a customer. This doesn’t mean you should spam the customer every day with emails until they buy a product from you. These interactions could be steady intervals of web traffic, automated series emails, emails detailing product benefits and the value or a trial of your product, such as NewZapp’s platform.

            Physical evidence
            A recent edition to the Marketing Mix, physical evidence again does not have to be tangible. Physical evidence in email marketing can be open and click through rates, conversions from your email campaign onto your website and into a purchase, an email from a customer requesting further information, a referral from one of your subscribers off the back of your email campaign, or a social share. These measurable elements can be described as a return on your investment and provide you with further direction to repeat and refine your marketing mix.

            Final thoughts
            Creating a clear, well defined, articulated Marketing Strategy with integration of all the strands and elements that make up marketing can be time consuming and difficult to do. NewZapp can support you with the creation of a Marketing Strategy that not only links your Email Marketing to the rest of your business but can also provide you with regular catch up sessions to evaluate, monitor and reach those potential marketing goals. For more information please visit our website, contact us on 01392 447200 or email
            Updated: 13 Nov 2017 06:38 PM
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