Using a countdown timer in an email

            A countdown timer is an animated graphic that counts down in day, hours minutes and seconds to a set date/time.

            Countdown timers are great for adding some intrigue and urgency to an email campaign. If the clock is ticking down on an offer or a launch date, a countdown should hopefully encourage the reader to get swept along with the time relevancy on the campaign’s call to action.

            There are applications available which will help you crate one for an email campaign. For this article we are looking at an application called NiftyImages.

            Starting at, at the time of writing this article a free trial will give you scope to have a good play around and even create an image for one of your campaigns with its generous limit of “10,000 opens” (an ‘open’ being every time an image is displayed on someone’s screen, so you’d probably be pretty safe sending an email with one Nifty image included to a database of up to 10k).

            Once logged into your account, here are the steps on how to make a counter that you can add to your NewZapp email campaign:

            Step 1 - Pick a countdown style
            There are a range of timer styles available. There is also flexibility in that you can customise them to fit in smoothly with your branding.

            Step 2 - Options
            Here's where you enter the starter options which are the Event Date*, Event Time and Time Zone.
            Then there are Font options, Colours and a customisable Background image setting if you want to upload one.

            *Even though the Time Zone in your NiftyImages account settings may be UK / European time, dates appear here in US format – so be careful you don’t confuse a date like the 10th of December  with the 12th of October!

            After saving your new countdown, just like the steps for making a new personalised image in this application, you will be given the HTML for your new unique countdown image on screen and you can follow the exact same steps for inserting this into your email campaign.

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            Updated: 21 Dec 2017 05:57 PM
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