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            Webpage anchor link workaround for Google Analytics

            When linking from a NewZapp email to an anchor point in a web page, the hash character can currently cause issues with the Google Analytics code that is automatically added to every link url.

            The workaround:

            Use a link-shortening service. A popular choice is but you can use any – just search for “link shortener”.

            Instructions for (will be very similar to others)

            1. Copy and paste your link including the anchor tag, e.g. into the field provided
            2. Click the “shorten” button
            3. Copy the shortened link that appears e.g.
            4. Paste this into any link pop-up in your email

            Don’t forget to send yourself a proof and check everything is working.

            Although your link will be clear to see in your Track Hotspot, it will be hard to identify exactly which web page it links to when exporting campaign data from Track.
            Updated: 01 Apr 2019 12:20 AM
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