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            What format and size do images need to be in?

            Images that are going to be viewed on screen need to be saved in:
            • RGB format (as opposed to CMYK which is the format for printed work)
            • At a resolution of 70dpi (this is the maximum that a screen can render and using higher resolutions would only increase the physical file size of an image).
            Top tip: If images that you wish to include in an email already appear on your web site, then they will have already been saved to the specifications above by your web designer so you can often save time by saving a copy from the web page.

            Physical file size
            The maximum physical file size for an image to be uploaded to NewZapp is 1MB but most images can be compressed to a size of 30kb or under. The smaller the kb file size, the quicker the image will load on your email recipient's screen. NewZapp will check your images are within maximum file size limits as you upload them into your account's images library.
            In the NewZapp drag and drop editor you can upload JPG, GIF (including animated gifs) and PNG image files, our user guide is here.

            Pixel size
            If you use the basis that most emails are around 600-700 pixels wide then you will start to get an idea of the pixel dimensions you want to use for your images. If you have an email template made for you by NewZapp, then the template guide in your account will list the best pixel sizes for your emails.
            The NewZapp drag and drop editor has an auto-resizing feature, so if your image is larger than the image block, the template will automatically resize it down to the correct width for you as you drop it into an email.

            Top tip: Images that are less wide than the block will stay at same size once dropped, and images won’t be cropped during this action but there is an Image Editor included in your account.

            Updated: 14 Jun 2018 09:55 PM
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