What IP address is NewZapp sending my campaigns from?

            Unless you have a static IP address (which can be set up as part of the Platinum Domain pack), your campaigns will be sent through a series of IP addresses from our subnet. There is no guarantee that you will get the same address each time you send and it will fluctuate dependent on your position in the "league table". In short the league table is based on bounces, if you have a high bounce rate, you will dynamically move through the table; if you have a less than 1% bounce rate you will be placed on one of our high reputation IP addresses.

            You will be affected by other people on a dynamic IP address, things like blacklists or spam reporting will reduce your deliverability on that IP address. Further information about deliverability can be found here

            SPF and DMARC for an IP address
            By having an SPF & DMARC record it will show that you are giving NewZapp, or any other email marketing software, permission to send mail on behalf of your domain, so should any spam filters look this up they will see we have permission to send using your domain. When setting up the SPF and DMARC for emails you will need to encompass the whole subnet. For instruction on setting these two protocols please click here

            Updated: 14 Jun 2018 07:07 PM
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