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            What is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?


            The big buzz word (or acronym) floating around the UK at the moment is GDPR. Everywhere we look, every phone call we get and every conversation about planning comes back to the General Data Protection Regulation which is in full force from May 2018.


            What is GDPR?

            It is a new legal framework called General Data Protection Regulation. It is an EU directive but will not be affected by Brexit. GDPR applies to every organisation including those who are service providers such as NewZapp. Technically the GDPR is already in the transitional period; from May 25th, 2018, the UK Data Protection Bill which incorporates GDPR becomes fully fledged law.


            The GDPR applies to personal data such as D.O.B, name, address, email address but can also include IP addresses and instant messaging usernames etc. In the UK any data that would come under the Data Protection Act will also be subject to GDPR.  GDPR also tightens the rules for consent to using the data and requires collectors to gain clear consent to the collection, such as double opt-in.



            GDPR encompasses everything to do with data collection and use of this data, from how it is collected (gone are the days of an automatic tick box on a sign-up form) to how it is used (no more sending the World and its mother a blanket campaign). The data held must be used for the purpose it was collected. The GDPR looks to strengthen how that consent is given and recorded.



            An organic database will have engaged contacts who will (if they want to hear from you) follow the opt-in instructions and provide consent to be contacted. These opt-ins will provide you with proof of consent, which NewZapp will store and make available.


            How do I prepare for GDPR?

            A few weeks ago, we wrote a blog on database cleaning, which can help to clean your NewZapp contact area and groups making it easier to gain consent. There is also further information in our GDPR Resources factsheet, and the ICO has provided a 12 step document which will help you to prepare for GDPR.


            How NewZapp can help in preparation for GDPR


            We offer GDPR preparation and strategy planning. These meetings can help your company perform a GDPR health check, review your GDPR compliance preparation, check your current database structure, help answer any initial queries about the GDPR as well as provide additional insight on your Email Marketing campaigns. For more information please contact 01392 447200 /


            Disclaimer: The above information and materials created by NewZapp Email Marketing are not intended to constitute or provide any legal advice. You should seek advice from a legal professional or contact the Information Commissioners Office to discuss your business needs.


            Updated: 31 Mar 2019 10:37 PM
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