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            Why is being mobile responsive so important?

            Did you know over 55% of all emails sent are opened on a mobile device first and 69% of mobile users delete emails that aren’t optimised for mobile (HubSpot, 2017).

            With this in mind, should we ignore the mobile device in the room or focus our efforts on producing a good quality email that is responsive to all devices whether it be a laptop, desktop, mobile, tablet or an iPad? (that was a rhetorical question) We should of course make sure that our campaigns and emails are readable on any device. If not then only 45% of your subscribers will be able to see your campaign in all its glory! There is nothing worse than seeing half an email on your phone and having to scroll with both hands to try and view the left-hand side of it!

            Why should you be mobile responsive?
            Ofcom data produced in 2016, shows that approximately one in six adults use and rely on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for online access. This data shows that in 2016, 16% of adults used mobile devices to access the internet, emails and shop online etc. compared to the previous year of 6%. So really, why shouldn’t you be mobile responsive with your email campaigns? You are missing out on a huge market by ignoring these mobile users.

            NewZapp Track
            As talked about in this blog, having a mobile responsive email provides a good user experience for your subscriber. Fat thumb syndrome is something we all have, if there is effort involved with scrolling across a non responsive campaign, then guess what? it will be deleted. Engagement rates improve for campaigns that are mobile optimised which can only be a positive? as shown above, this is the client tab under your NewZapp Track in your account. A whopping 59.5% of this campaigns opens were on mobile devices (mobile or tablet). If you are uncertain if your subscribers are opening on mobile devices please go and check the Track tab! Even if you aren’t getting a high percentage of your opens on a mobile device, that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. 1 or 2 opens on mobile, without a mobile responsive campaign sent to them, could be dead leads, wasted credits, cause the subscriber to disengage with your brand.

            How do you become mobile responsive?
            All Drag and Drop email templates built by the NewZapp Team come with mobile responsive code as standard, and automatically accommodates any image and text content that you may add to your email. Using our Drag and Drop editor will automatically resize your images to aid the mobile optimisation, the blocks will be resized automatically for mobile and desktop opens scaling the content to provide a fantastic user experience, that will encourage your subscribers to click your call to action and engage whilst promoting your brand image.

            The technical stuff!
            One of our Designers Mike writes ‘Although the mobile preview in NewZapp shows the layout changing correctly to suit narrower screens, not all email readers in real life support the code used to make this work. A well-known for-instance is Gmail on Android, which currently still strips out any responsive CSS code leaving the email to, at best, render as a scaled-down version of the default wider-screen desktop version.’ Still this would be a mobile responsive email without the awkward scroll bars!

            Don’t fancy setting up your own mobile responsive template? Let us do the work for you! Take a look at our portfolio of templates that are all mobile responsive and look amazing on a desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android phone and a tablet!
            Updated: 15 Nov 2017 05:22 PM
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